What We Stand For

The interwoven pattern shown beside indicates the synchrony that is synonymous with Meenakshi Jewellers—synchrony of style, synchrony of design and synchrony of the artisans who work to produce each individual masterpiece.

Whether it's the jewellery designer, the artisan, the quality control team, the person who sources the gems, or the people who steer business from day to day, all hearts beat in unison to product results that have set Meenakshi Jewellers apart.

At Meenakshi, we're all about style, quality and customer satisfaction.

Hyderabad's Finest Jewellers

Meenakshi Jewellers brings some of India's most skilled craftsmen together to give you the finest selection of traditional gold jewellery and gem encrusted creations.

The uniqueness of our jewellery lies in traditional designs, top-notch gemstones and a trustworthy stamp of quality.

Meenakshi Jewellers is India's leading manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of 22 carat gold jewellery and gem encrusted gold ornaments. Behind this enterprise is the prestigious Navadurga Group, a company established in 1951.

We're located in the commercial hub of Hyderabad, at Banjara Hills.

Our Gems

At Meenakshi Jewellers, our exotic collection of classic jewellery glitters with the radiance of an exquisite selection of gems.

Our gems include:

Rubies - Our authentic rubies are sourced from Burma and finely cut by experts in Bangkok. We supply lucent, high-grade, pigeon blood-red rubies with maximum carat weight.

Emeralds - We procure authentic South African emeralds which are cut by specialists from Jaipur. Our original, green-coloured emeralds are available in various shades.

Sapphires - Premium quality sapphires are procured from Burma and cut by specialists in Bangkok.

Uncut Diamonds - We also sell and supply 100% natural, untreated and uncut rough diamonds. These come in a variety of beautiful shapes and forms such as octahedral, cubic, macle twins, balas, and cubes.

Reaching For The Sky

We've bagged multiple awards over the course of all these years.

In the picture on your left side, you can see Mr. Nitin Agarwal and Mr. Rajnikant Agarwal—both of whom are Directors of Meenakshi Jewellers—receiving a trophy from Mr. Kapil Sibal, a Union Minister of great repute.

Also seen are Mr. Vipul Shah, the former Chairman of GJEPC, and K.H. Muniyappa, Ex-Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.