It All Starts With Design

Our expert in-house designers keep up with the latest international trends. Several new designs are crafted every day, and only the best among them are retained.

We Believe In Quality

At Meenaskhi Jewellery, making is not merely a profession but also an abiding passion. Whether it's vanki, vaddanam or traditional necklaces, Meenakshi stamps its indelible mark on each exquisite jewellery piece.

Precision Is The Key

Studding stones smaller than what our fingers can hold requires precision. Our craftsmen make sure that every stone is stud beautifully to give off maximum luster.

A Perfect Combination

The design, the craftsmanship, the gemstone assortment, and the polish—they all finally come together to form a beautiful ornament. At Meenakshi, hundreds of pieces come to life each day.